What Makes Us So Special?

Frisco Mini Molars

What Makes Us So Special?

We get asked this question every day: what makes Frisco Mini Molars so special? Why should a parent trust Dr. Mitchell over another doctor down the street?

We have five of some of the BIGGEST reasons why we feel our practice is a cut above the rest!

1. We’re Locally Owned and Operated

Frisco Mini Molars is a Frisco, Texas -based pediatric dentistry practice, created and owned by none other than Dr. Laura Mitchell. She does not represent a cog in the machine that is a large, multi-site “box” practice … and for good reason! We don’t want you to feel like you’re just a number in a patient manifest; we want you to feel like this is a place you can call your home. That’s not just good for business, that’s good for your dental health as a pediatric dental team that KNOWS and APPRECIATES our patients. Come join the Mini Molars Family!

2. Our Environment Rocks!

So often kids and teenagers feel burdened and even scared to visit the dentist office. They kick and scream and drag their feet out the door as their parents force them in the car – all because they know of what’s coming; sitting in a chair for an hour, getting painfully poked and prodded, only to be told that they have some cavities to drill and fill. And to top that off, the office they go to is miserable. Not fun!

At Frisco Mini Molars, we want to give your child or teen an experience that is memorable, exciting, and uplifting. So many pediatric dental offices feel like the DMV … who wants to go to that? From our point of view, your child’s patient satisfaction begins and ends with the office environment, and we’ve designed our cool and modern office to make them feel EXCITED to visit time and time again!

3. We’re Easy to Get To

At the corner of Eldorado Parkway and Dallas North Tollway, we’re literally a stone’s throw away from the places you already frequent on a daily basis. We’re right in the same parking complex as Market Street in Frisco – so while you’re on your way to buy groceries, be sure to wave at us on your way to park. (We’ll wave back … we promise!)

4. A Parent-Friendly Facility

Another bonus to having a thoughtfully-designed office, our practice is just as parent-friendly and upscale as it is accommodating for your kids’ tastes. We don’t want you to feel like you’re sitting in a daycare facility (yuck!), and at Frisco Mini Molars you won’t have to!

Come on in, say hello, and take in all the comforts and conveniences of a waiting room that you’re sure to love.

5. A Staff that Loves Their Job

Dr. Laura Mitchell surrounds herself with a team that loves kids as much as she does. It’s important to have staff members that align their passions behind the vision of the practice, and that virtue makes all the difference in the world when it comes to pediatric dentistry. When the staff doesn’t feel like they’ve been BORN to do this kind of work, the kids– and their parents –feel it. That’s no bueno.

At Frisco Mini Molars, we want you to feel overwhelmingly welcomed with a warm, can-do attitude by a staff that believes serving your kids with outstanding dental care is their birthright. Talk to any one of our staff members (including Dr. Mitchell!) and you’ll see just how much we love our jobs. THIS is one of the major differences between pediatric dentists of the past and the exciting future of our craft that Frisco Mini Molars is embracing wholeheartedly. Come see the difference for yourself!