What Kind of Toothpaste Should My Child Use?

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Ask any dentist or medical professional this question, and you will find vastly different answers. However, one thing is certain: one should carefully choose a toothpaste that is both safe and effective for your child to use.

Many toothpastes and polishes have the potential to damage teeth. Some may contain harsh abrasives which can help deteriorate still-developing tooth enamel. Be sure to pick out a toothpaste that is recommended by the American Dental Association, in which these products have been thoroughly tested to ensure their safety.

What About Fluoride Content?

When brushing, make sure your children spit out their toothpaste after brushing to avoid ingesting too much fluoride and dealing with the conditions associated with having too much fluoride in their system. If your child is too young to spit out toothpaste, there are fluoride-free toothpaste variants available to avoid any complications associated with fluoride ingestion.