Everyone deserves a clean and healthy smile, especially your kids!

Frisco Mini Molars is a premier pediatric dentistry practice proudly serving the community of Frisco, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Dr. Laura Mitchell is thrilled to welcome you as a patient to the practice, where we have a chance to earn your trust and establish a lifelong relationship. It is our hope that you will be so pleased with our practice and services that you will refer all of your friends and family to see us as well!

We specialize in providing a variety of dental services to children ages 1 through 16. Whether they’re a toddler, pre-teen, or on the cusp of earning their driver’s license (gulp!), Dr. Mitchell and her team are able to serve them throughout their entire childhood.

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Early Childhood Care

We offer services that deal directly with your infant’s new teeth! This includes issues related to teething, infant tooth eruption, bottle decay, and more. We will also help you learn ways to help manage the growth and health of your child’s new teeth, including dietary and hygiene techniques specially considered for your little one!

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Cavity Prevention

Dr. Mitchell’s goal is to prevent dental decay from occurring. She believes strongly in the beneficial properties of fluoride and follows the usage guidelines set forth by the AAPD. Dr. Mitchell will determine your child’s cavity risk factors and make fluoride recommendations based on your child’s personal assessment.

Sports Dentistry

We know your child may be active in sports or recreational activities – and we’re here to help protect and preserve their smile! Frisco Mini Molars has the ability to custom-mold fitted mouthguards, specially designed for your active child’s mouth structure and teeth placement for optimal protection during sports activities.

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Advanced Services and Sedation Dentistry

Frisco Mini Molars is a full-service dental facility that provides common dental procedures designed to improve the health of your child’s teeth. Procedures such as crowns, fillings, tooth extractions, pulpotomies (baby root canals), and cosmetic procedures can usually be completed with as little as nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas). Occasionally, a child may be too anxious or fearful for treatment to be completed, and additional pharmacological intervention may be necessary for the dental work to be completed safely and effectively. Dr. Mitchell offers a range of sedation services, from conscious sedation to IV sedation to general anesthesia in a hospital setting. It is Dr. Mitchell’s goal to complete treatment in the least invasive and the safest way possible for your child. She will discuss all options with you to help you determine which is the most appropriate for your child.

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General Treatment and Scheduled Cleaning

We dedicate a large focus of our practice to providing preventive dental care for our patients. This includes check ups and exams twice a year, hygiene services and scheduled cleanings, preventive fluoride treatments and sealants, plus much more.

Additionally, we make it a priority to help your children understand the importance of proper oral hygiene at home. We help educate them on which foods to eat and avoid, when and how to properly brush and floss, and any other tips to help clean and protect their beautiful smiles!

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