Do you hear the sound of your child grinding his or her teeth at night? Are you finding noticeable wear on your child’s teeth? Some parents are often concerned about this condition (called Bruxism) and may not know the cause of it. There are actually several theories among the medical community regarding the cause of Bruxism, and there actually may be unique causes behind this condition from child to child.

Psychological Components may lead to Bruxism, such as stress due to a new environment, family issues, changes at school or anything else that shakes a child’s world-view.

Inner-Ear Pressure is another theory provided by the medical community, stating that pressure changes (much like when one’s ears “pop” when changing altitudes occur during a plane flight) cause a child to nocturnally attempt to equalize pressure by making a chewing-motion with their jaw.

Interestingly, most pediatric Bruxism cases do not require any treatment – in fact, most children outgrow Bruxism altogether – but the simplest of treatments, especially when excessive wear of teeth is present, is a simple mouth guard that the child inserts in their mouth at night.

Please feel free to talk with Dr. Mitchell about the possible pros and cons to your child wearing a night guard to combat the effects of Bruxism.