So Long Summer!

We had another amazing summer and are so sad to see it end.  Summer is Dr. Mitchell’s FAVORITE season of the year with all the swimming, grilling, and staying up late.  Here are some of our favorite memories from Summer 2014!


1. Dr. Mitchell taught Baby Carter to swim with ISR and instructor, Trini Borunda

Drowning is the second leading cause of death in the United States in children 12 years and younger.  Dr. Mitchell and her family love all water activity and wanted to do anything they could to prevent Carter from having an adverse water event.  ISR teaches children as young as 6 months old how to float on their back in case of an emergency.  Check out Carter’s ISR graduation video below!



2. Sabrina got married on August 23, 2014!!

Sabrina married Jeff on a warm August evening out in Royce City surrounded by their friends and family.  They honeymooned in Mexico and had the time of their lives.  We were there to celebrate in their blissful union.


3. Dr. Mitchell’s grandma turned 100 years old!!

Louisa Gonzales was born in a small Texas town in 1914!  Yes, 1914.  Just imagine all the things that she witnessed in her 100 years on this earth.  What an accomplishment to become a centenarian!



4. Allison’s baby is due!!

Allison is soon to welcome another little boy to her brood.  We cannot wait to meet baby Stacks and are counting down the days!


Sayonara Summer 2014!  We can’t wait until we meet again.