Electric Vs. Standard Toothbrush, Which is Right for my Child?

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Electric Vs. Standard Toothbrush, Which is Right for my Child?

As your child begins brushing their own teeth, it can be difficult to choose the right toothbrush for their overall oral health. The market is flooded with products all claiming to clean teeth better than the rest. But, what about an electric toothbrush? Is it really better than a standard toothbrush? The answer may surprise you.

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes are the most popular type of toothbrush for children because they are reliable, and come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs that many kids find appealing. They are also much more inexpensive than electric toothbrushes, which make them a great option for a cost-conscious family. However, manual toothbrushes can be difficult for young children that are just learning to brush their teeth, since they lack the dexterity needed to adequately clean their teeth. If you decide to buy your child a standard toothbrush, invite them along so that they can help you choose it. This makes them more likely to find a toothbrush that they will actually want to use.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are handy tools for teeth of all ages, and can make brushing fun for young children. Most electric toothbrushes also feature timers, which can help ensure that children brush for the recommended two minutes per session. Additionally, many electric toothbrushes feature a pressure sensor which helps kids limit how hard they are brushing to prevent upsetting or damaging their gums. Electric toothbrushes are perfect for very young children that don’t have the dexterity to adequately brush their own teeth. However, electric toothbrushes are typically more expensive than manual ones.

Just Brush

Regardless of the toothbrush, the most important thing is that your child brushes their teeth for two minutes, twice per day. When you do purchase a toothbrush for your child, make sure that it has the ADA seal of approval on the package somewhere, which ensures that it has been thoroughly vetted by a team of oral healthcare experts.

Visit our Office

If your child has sensitive teeth, then visit our office. Sensitive teeth could indicate tooth decay or cavities. We will perform an extensive oral exam to assess the state of their overall mouth-health, and provide a treatment plan that works for their specific case. Schedule an appointment with our office today!